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The Reapers Are Coming The Reapers Are Coming

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Stop making my music sound bad! :P
What's your secret!?!?!

Theledge93 responds:

All I use is Massive/FL Studio/Nexus. What i find helps, is I create a simple 4 bar melody, so i can get the feel for the song first. then i create the drums to what i think would be awesome. then i go create the melody. I usually leave the last two beats in each measure blank, so the snare hit is more pronounced. (Didn't really do it in this song...go figure.) If you need any help bud, just let me know and i help you where i can.

The Ledge93

This Is Halloween This Is Halloween

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This sounds amazing!! Pure beast of a tune man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you get big in the dubstep game man, all of those crappy mainstream artists have nothing on you!!

Theledge93 responds:

Thanks dude! that's AWESOME to hear man!

&amp;gt;I Am Neither&amp;lt; >I Am Neither<

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Really nice song :) Reminds me of Final Fantasy 7

ChineseCommando responds:

Thank you!

Death From a Dub Death From a Dub

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That part after 1:58 was AMAZING> What did you use to make the sound as it got more deeper??

Theledge93 responds:

it's called ADJOO Helix. it's a plug in, that has a bunch of different sounds. that specific sound was actually really awesome. i think it's called Grimer Grabber or something close. all i did was play every octave of f#. that's it. even the alarm in the background is Helix. just a different sound. can you believe i can't make wub-wub bass? i've tried, and i can't get the sound i want. so i have to come up with crazy shit like this to get the "Heavy" i want.

Dust (Mister S.) Dust (Mister S.)

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Different, but sounds amazing!

Loving this style!
Keep it up, boss!!

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MisterSplashbottom responds:

Thank you so much for your review! I've been experimenting with different styles for a while. Glad to see one people really like.

Fear Inducing Machine 4 B Fear Inducing Machine 4 B

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Loving the beat, bro!! :)

Gasmasq responds:

Much thanks my dude!